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Company profile

GCCI Canada is an Alberta based General Contractor specializing in industry leading personal service with our clients. Our hands on dedicated approach to providing quality products on time and on budget has positioned our company to fill and succeed in many unique niche markets. GCCI Canada maintains a lean, highly effective management team with combined experience of over 75 years in construction. Our scope of practice includes commercial builds, high end residential and high density residential condo projects. Our past portfolio includes projects such as Strip Malls, Restaurants, Auto Dealerships, Financial Institutions, Condos, Grocery Distribution Warehousing, Transport Companies, Dental / Medical offices, Supply Companies and retail construction of all sorts. Our business spans the country in all provinces as well as within the USA. GCCI is consistently looking for ways to improve service and the Client / Contractor experience. Through rigorous forensic analyzation of blueprints and project specifications, our team is able to give our clients a very accurate cost before their project begins as well as maintaining those numbers to the end, in turn taking the surprise of extra costs out of the equation. We believe that by managing only a few projects at one time gives us the personal advantage a Contractor requires these days to provide what he/she promises. No excuses....just results!

How we stand out in our industry

GCCI has enjoyed success for many years because we believe in a number of seemingly simple yet critical points in how we operate our company. We know that the construction industry is not just building, digging, tearing down, wood and concrete. More importantly it is made up of many thousands of people who in by adding their skill or job to the bigger equation, all combine to make a project a success. Our suppliers, trades, municipal representatives and clients are the true building materials we have to work with. By treating everyone with equity, truth and understanding of todays building climate, and all within a safe working environment, we have built an outstanding track record and admirable list of clients who are more than happy to tell others how pleased they were with their projects. By remembering this in all that we do in the future, GCCI will undoubtedly enjoy continued success for years to come.

Alberta's Current Business Climate


 Times are changing!

Our robust and leading economy has begun to change in these uncertain times. Times like these will inevitably increase the divide between top notch and second rate performers when it comes to the Construction industry. No longer will the consumer have to accept second best or inferior quality or scheduling on their projects.

Fortunately for GCCI Canada, we have always held high principles for our company. GCCI Canada has been in business in the Edmonton area for over 40 years and has been a part of every economic upturn and downturn along the way. Through these times, we have always provided our clients top value for every dollar they spend. Even today, through having long term business relationships with our tradespeople, large supplier networks and ongoing relationships with real estate and leasing companies, we maintain the ability to provide our clients with excellent value and within time constraints.

We are often asked how we are able to do this, and our answer is always the same. We simply continue doing what we have always done.

The wheel does not require re-invention at this time!

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