Gallery 6

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Project Photo Gallery

Page 6 of our past and present projects

T & T Trucking ( Renamed ) Service Bay and Operations, Full Site, Base and Interior Construction w/ Parking Area, Project Managed, 170 Street, Edmonton, AB.

Liquor Express, Full Interior Retail Construction, North End, Edmonton, AB.

Toyota Motor Village South, Full Site, Base and Interior Construction with Parking Lot, Project Managed, Calgary Trail, Edmonton, AB.

Astro North Insurance, Full interior Construction, Sherwood Park, Alberta.

SGI Canada, Alberta Head Office, Full Interior Construction, Edmonton, Alberta.

Gasketmaster Head office and Warehouse, Full interior Construction, Edmonton, Alberta.

Corso 32 Restaurant, Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

Gemoro Goldsmiths, Rolex Store, Commerce Place, Edmonton, Alberta